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korPedi Basic Express    $30.00   (Buy 6 and get one free.)
Our basic express pedicure using our natural and vegan line, CND. This 30-minute service is geared toward the individual who receives regular pedicures and loves the idea of getting in and out of the spa quickly. The experience begins with a milk foot soak in comfortably warm water followed by a Farmhouse Fresh salt scrub infused with moisturizing oil. Nails are filed, buffed and shaped, cuticles are pushed back and a salt scrub is applied to the heels and feet prior to polish application. No pumice or massage. 

korPedi Deluxe    $45.00   (Buy 6 and get one free.)
For the individual seeking a luxurious and relaxing "facial for the feet," our Deluxe pedicure is a full service experience. We begin with a salt soak in comfortable warm water. Nails are cut, filed, buffed and shaped and an aromatic salt scrub is applied to the legs and feet. Next comes the Farmhouse Fresh Honey Heel Glaze and a wrap of heated towels. Once the towels are removed, a full leg and foot massage continues the relaxation process. Once polish-ready, the feet will have truly realized the joys of 45-60 minutes of pampering. 

korMani    $20.00
Our basic manicure using one of our naturally-oriented lines including CND, Essie Couture or Spa Ritual.

Tips'N'Toes Combo    $50.00
Enjoy a naturally-oriented mani and pedi using one of our exceptional lines including CND, Essie Couture or Spa Ritual.

No-Chip Mani    $40.00   (3 for $35 each or 6 for $30 each)
Our No-Chip Mani uses the Shellac system. (This is a dry manicure as per Shellac system guidelines.) Enjoy a manicure that has a suggested 14-day wear-time, zero dry-time and a mirror finish. Allow 45-60 minutes. Some No-Chip brands are not only difficult to remove, but are also very hard on the nails. Thus, there may be a $5-10 removal fee if extra time is required for removal. 

Tips'N'Toes NoChip Mani/Pedi   $70.00
Enjoy an mani-pedi using one of our lines including Shellac, CND, Essie Couture or Spa Ritual. This includes a Basic Express pedicure only. 

Paraffin Treatment    Feet or Hands $15     Both Feet/Hands $30
Wrap your feet or hands in the wonderful warmth of essentialoil-infused paraffin and enjoy the benefits of cocooning the skin and joints through this healing age-old therapy. This is an excellent complement to a pedicure or manicure. Requires 10 minutes added to your service.