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Ear Coning                                                                                                      $45

Ear coning is an age-old cleansing technique used to clear the ear canal of impurities. This treatment is great for blocked ears, earaches, colds and flu, headaches, stress or for those that travel often. A spiral cone and herbal smoke together work to draw out any debris in the ear canal. This is a relaxing, non-invasive treatment that can benefit a wide array of problems related to the head, ears and sinuses. Each cone is hand-made with all natural ingredients: beeswax, unbleached cotton, herbs and essential oils.

Korcare Detox Footbath                                                                                     $40

Detoxifying the body with a Korcare Detox Footbath increases energy, clarity, and overall well-being. The footbath works with the positive and negative ions in your body to create a magnetic pull, thus pulling toxins out of the body through the feet. This is a treatment for all ages, especially those having problems with focus, allergies, joint discomfort, high stress levels, depression... and couples hoping to start a family in the near future. Multiple sessions are recommended to fully benefit from the Detox Footbath.

 *The Detox Footbath is not recommended for those that are actively trying to start a family, are currently using fertility treatments or are pregnant.

Voice BioAnalysis (60 minutes)                                                                         $175

Discover what your voice has to say about your body function and emotions. A simple voice print will show where imbalances are present in the various systems making up your energy field. Recommendations are then made for supplementation and lifestyle changes.