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We believe regular massage therapy can help to alleviate symptoms of stress and anxiety that accumulates not only in the mind but also in the body, thereby bringing balance to your life. Our team of licensed massage therapists, under the direction of Korwitts Chiropractic Center, will combine a variety of proven techniques and natural products to help promote relaxation, relieve muscle tension, improve circulation and reduce anxiety. Body wraps can also be a wonderful regular regimen for detoxifying and skin renewal.

swedish massage    60 minutes    $80.00
This popular therapy combines moderate pressure and relaxation strokes with techniques that knead the muscles for a welcome relief from tension. Since every area of the body can experience stress, the best results can be achieved through a full hour or 90 minutes.

therapeutic massage    60 minutes    $90.00
Key in on problematic areas utilizing a highly therapeutic treatment meant to address your primary areas of concern. The therapist will discuss your needs with you and create a massage protocol to meet your specific needs.

reflexology    30 minutes    $50.00
Reflex points on the body can be gently stimulated to encourage more overall balance.

pre and post natal massage    30 minutes     $60.00            60 minutes    $95.00
As a woman progresses through the many phases of pregnancy, structural and hormonal changes can result in added tension, edema and imbalance. This massage addresses the upper back, lower back and hips to relieve weight-bearing discomfort through the second and third trimester, up to delivery and after. Beneficial to mother and child. ( Not offered in first trimester.)

massage add-ons
o Reflexology - Provides extra care of hands and feet 

o Hot Stones - Heated stones on targeted areas of the body to provide warmth and relieve tension   $15

‚Äčo Hand or Foot Renewal -  Salt Scrub + Warm Honey Glaze + Steaming Towels   $15

o Aromatherapy - Your therapist will recommend 1-3 scents to be integrated into your massage   $5

*30 minute and 90 minutes sessions are also available.

golden legend herbal wrap*    60 minutes    $85.00
Using essential oils and 21 Chinese herbs, this aromatic body wrap helps release impurities and stress, facilitating the natural detoxifying process. This wrap has a total rejuvenating and regenerating effect, smoothing and softening the skin and encouraging the body to tone and shed inches. Can be done as a single treatment, or as a series of three wraps done 7-10 days apart. Package of 3 wraps $225