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We are often asked why a wellness spa in the midwest would have a seahorse in its logo.

Consider a few little tidbits about these amazing creatures:

  • throughout history, seahorses were revered for their mystical power and were thought to be good luck.
  • calm and mild-mannered they are content to roam the seas with patience and contentment.
  • having sharp eyesight, the seahorse represents keen perception and awareness.
  • seahorses symbolize tranquility and an ability to go with the flow.

While we don't have seahorses inhabiting our lakes and streams around Chicago, we believe the nature of the seahorse says a lot about the nature of our spa. Here at Korcare we are all about calmness, patience, contentment and awareness. Enjoy our services and products to bring these wonderful benefits into your life. And perhaps you might even want to consider carrying a little seahorse in your pocket for good luck!

Wisdom from the Ocean

  • don't be crabby
  • come out of your shell
  • take time to coast
  • go with the flow
  • do what floats your boat
  • don't get tide down
  • soak up positive energy
  • be shore of yourself